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IFBB Pro Chase Savoie - GO ALL DAY® Athlete

Chase Savoie is the newest addition to the GO ALL DAY® team of amazingly talented athletes and competitors.
On January 15th, 2015 Chase and owner Teddy Chapman reached terms and signed a contract deal making him an official sponsored athlete of GO ALL DAY®!

Instagram: ChaseSavoie

Born July 8th 1990 in Metairie, La, a suburb of New Orleans, Chase Savoie began playing sports at young age.  As a talented young athlete, Chase’s true passion was not realized until the age of 15 when he first laid hand to the Iron.  Chase Savoie realized then that he was stronger and faster than most people in his school, but it wasn’t until the age of 17 that he really started to focus on molding and shaping his body into what you see today.  From the age of 17, Chase started to focus on exceeding his bodily limits to become as fast and as strong as he possibly could.  Chase had tunnel vision and at the end of the tunnel the goal was a college football career.  To do whatever it took to reach his goals, Chase attended many football training camps as well as multiple programs focused on speed, strength, power, and agility.  It was during the years of sport and strength training that Chase had a change of heart and realized a new path in life.  Chase, after reading an article on Men’s Physique competitions, realized that he had a new goal in mind.  Chase was able to overcome much adversity in life and forced to change his life goals.  He was taught to never give up, and failure was not an option.   Self-trained and self-motivated Chase has become an accomplished fitness model, appeared in multiple, national, name brand TV commercials and is already making a name for himself in the Men’s Physique division.  Motivation, Power, Speed and Determination drive Chase Savoie to go beyond his body’s potential to reach his physical goals.  Follow him on his quest to become one of the elite Men’s Physique Champions. He just recently won 1st Place at NPC Nationals in Miami 2014.