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7 Factors for Becoming a Better Athlete

December 19, 2011 0 Comments

We’ve all heard the phrase “Bigger, Faster, Stronger.” How do you get bigger, faster, and stronger?

You get there by training for sport performance. Sports performance breaks down into seven factors: power, strength, speed, agility, coordination, quickness and flexibility. The more you can develop these factors, the better you will be at your sport. [quote_right]If you're interested in this type of training make sure to check out Tony Villani's XPE (EXTREME PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT) SPORTS Training Program here.[/quote_right]

Firstly, it’s important to know the definitions of all seven aspects.

  • Power – how fast someone can move an external object (body, weight, ball, etc.); explosiveness.
  • Strength – how much force someone can exert on an object.
  • Speed – the maximum velocity that an athlete can achieve by running.
  • Agility – being able to change ones’ body position quickly and efficiently, using the other factors of speed, strength, coordination, and quickness
  • Coordination – the ability to control ones’ body, using multi-joint movements, in the manner that you intend; balance.
  • Quickness – the rate of the first step in either a linear or lateral direction; acceleration, a combination of speed and agility.
  • Flexibility – the ability to take a joint or a muscle throughout its full range of motion.

In order to become more athletic, you have to develop and better yourself in all of the aspects of sports performance. Professional athletes undergo intense performance training every day in efforts to become bigger, faster, and stronger than their competitors. It doesn’t matter what sport they play, if they can increase these factors, they will be a better player. If you have aspirations of becoming an elite level athlete, you have to find somewhere to train this way.

Sport performance isn’t just for elite athletes though. It’s great for kids, teens, and adults as apart of a normal fitness program. It teaches kids and young athletes how to run correctly, build basic total body strength, and control their movements. These are things that make kids more athletic, learn how their muscles work, and what it takes to control them.

Performance based workouts are great for adults as well. Their high intensity nature gives adults a chance to get an amazing, total body workout in a short amount of time. There is a reason why elite level athletes are in amazing shape. The seven aspects of sport performance not only make someone more athletic, but they cover all of the main points of fitness as well. Being strong, having good cardio, and being flexible and coordinated make for a well-balanced fitness routine and a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you’re trying to be a better athlete or you’re trying to get in better shape, sport performance exercises and workouts are the way to go.
If you're interested in this type of training make sure to check out Tony Villani's XPE (EXTREME PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT) SPORTS Training Program here.

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