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What's The Best Post-Workout Drink?

January 19, 2012 0 Comments

Any post-workout drink you reach for should have a ratio of carbohydrates-to-protein in the range of 1:1 to 4:1. So if you stay active and train hard, you're looking at about 30-90 grams of carbs and 15-30 grams of protein after a workout. Calculate your needs by multiplying your weight in kilograms by 0.2-0.3. This number represents the grams of protein you should aim for. It’s a range you should stay in. To get the grams of carbs you should aim for, multiply your weight in kilograms by 0.4-1.0.

Got your ranges? Now let's consider the type of activity you’re doing and how hard you’re training. For shorter, easier workouts, stick towards the lower ends of ranges; work the upper ranges for longer or harder sessions. For example, you might have 30 grams of carbs and 15 grams of protein after a short strength training session, or 60 grams of carbs and 15 grams of protein after a long ride or hike.

Here’s one of our favorite 4:1 ratio drinks. Shake it up and down it within 30 minutes of your next endurance workout to stimulate muscle growth and help your body recover from the workout.

1 packet EAS Myoplex Lite vanilla protein powder
1 banana
1 ½ cups frozen peaches
4 ounces juice

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